Fleeting: [finale]

Fleeting: [finale]

Loosing love isErica Loloff Poetry Fall Leaf at Lake image
like a tree –
shaking [down] a season
of unpredictable
– leaves –
One stem of color
breaking off at a time,
carried and bundled
in a flurry
of unsightly wind –
blown away from
– forever –
– fleeting –
and, grey . . .
[never to be seen again].
Now, tormented feelings –
    bare and unknown
grown together in life –
morph and trip
to crack and crumble,
in dried up veins of
– exodus –
Erica Loloff

(lost) Found

(lost) Found



internal clarity forms

if focus falls

to your center –

your heart can hear it

in between the gravity

of push and pull.

Quiet.      longer.

marked points strike –

spreading through you

and calling vital energy

back to the beginning

of your question (s).

Now, refreshed conception.

Pure-balanced cleansing

moving towards known


Hold on – find       lost.

Hold on peace to Found.

Found will guide you

to all that you surround.



inspired by the movie, “August Rush”

Erica Loloff

lost found

Stray Dog

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Stray Dog

No more Elvin.

Took him for a walk,

and suddenly he became


The kitties are glad,

but I am ultimately sad.

I love you Elvin-

I mean,



Photos: Border Collie: “Diamond” who is now, “Annie”.

Lime Light

Lime LightLime Light

Coated in goose bumps surfacing red –

She, went to bed

atop an open-eyed gaze


with a ceiling of foreign moments –

mindful and recent

in her head.

Winding down,

She, took a reflective breath –

exhaling a constant deciphering stage.

Always on – this is that – where am I at.

Succumbing from the truth in her day-

She, threw the covers

over the sound of loud cultural play

entering through the shutters in the dark,

tingling with a light breeze –

up the legs of where she lay.

Becoming again in déjà vu –

She, took the physical cue,

making the choice

to lower the heavy lids of transition

dreaming and escaping

until the sun peaks shone again

through the oversized lime light

of waking without delay.


Erica Loloff




Beating dark in ruby red

with gazing carmine reflection –

deeply fractured is the heart

pausing in discretion.

Vulnerable, fragile

soft and doubtful –

trust lacking in the wound.

Breathing out distracted pain,

from suffering that has foiled the gain

commences quiet –

seeping under a disjointed hush.

Now laying still in watching,

the pouring of desire

once more resumes –

contemplated into the depleted mold,

encased hence forth

with rivets of steel.

Convex calculation fills again

the surface –

re-forming the thought of love.

Close to wanting –

holding the wish of abundance

far inside the embrace

of lavished touch.


Erica Loloff

Play Moon

Play Moon

Pardon Me!

New Moon Rising


Once I was a little girl…

I can make a circle with my arms, and shine light through my eyes.

I can stand and rise, yawn and spin, tilt and turn and lay down again.

I can look at the stars, cover my face and take a trip around Mars.

I can close my eyes, curl up in a ball and wake with the sun.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I could close my eyes and wake with the sun.

Pardon Me!

I run from cover to cover, level headed, eyes to the ground.

I sit in the dark absorbing light from a screen.

I complete normal tasks, task to never-ending task.

I struggle to breathe.


I can turn off the lights and shine a flashlight in my face.

I can be hot and sweat out life.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I can make a circle with my arms.

I can stand and rise.

Once I was a little girl…

New Moon Rising-

Wanna play?

Erica Loloff 1/07



aspen heart


Time is the keeper of kindred unions –

traveled down roads that cross decision.

How quiet a tear falls in silent conversation –

wiped away with the brush of hopeful salvation.

Questions circle subtracted faces –

uncomfortably familiar in certain places.

How deep the burning still yearns

from taking turns

toward tainted, beaming treasure.

In Dark days, faith lays waiting

in the clutch of mustered words

clustered together –

all alone

on my mind forever.


Erica Loloff

Cowboy Legacy: Cody & Beyond


Cowboy Legacy

Cowboy with your grin on –

What’s callin’ you today?

You wake at dawn,

out workin’ til twilight –

takin’ your boots off

is only closer to puttin’ em on.

In the sun you turn –

more daylight to burn.

Circlin’ up stirred stock

does nothin’ to keep you on a clock.

You hustle as you rustle, injured or not.

No easy dismount to bring home a meal,

feedin’ your loved ones, that’s the deal.

Cowboy Posture – you’re cut out for it!

Like the fringe on your chaps,

and your western shirt with snaps.

The git along in your walk –

the country accent in your talk.

It’s sittin’ in the saddle that makes you rattle.

Settin’ your foot in the stirrup – mountin’ to ride

makes you feel the wrangler inside.

In the eyes of a horse – you know your potential.

Each rope you throw from the pommel is essential

in capturin’ your domestic hides,

upholdin’ your endurin’ and honored pride.

Tendin’ your livestock, is your only approach.

No way for other’s to encroach,

when poundin’ the posts with the wind in your face –

positionin’ your fence containin’ your pace.

You are tradition – genuine bona fide grit.

It’s somethin’ you’ll never forgit.

The old west you won’t be a ditchin’ –

no matter how many scars you keep a stitchin’.

Makes no difference if you’ve been thrown –

another broken bone.

You’ll get up again,

brush off your chinks and continue to ride.

Cowboy spirit – it’s inside.

You’re the toughest inspiration – a way of life.

From rodeos to roundups,

you’re surely bettin’ on somethin’ other than strife.

Livin’ large is how you jive –

integrity and doin’ it right is what keeps you alive.

Regardless of season, it’s the reason

you are stampedin’ to make your name –

followin’ other boot prints into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

With a glance and the tip of your hat

you remain to be

the authentic icon you portray –

You are the cowboy way!

Erica Loloff, 4/5/11

Written for: Cody & Beyond Publication, 2011

Antler Art Published: Cody & Beyond, 2014