Grace and Honey Bee


Each heart I touch,
Reaches thru me.

I have either been carried
By hope in love,
Or slandered and forsaken
On brisk, cold winds
That toss away my strength.

Either dream –
That flows above
Or beyond my self worth
Leaves me to rest
In my story.
That gently
Lay in the chamber of my life –
Graced to admire or abhor.

The scavenger hunt –
To find truth
In who I am,
And too often
To find the truth of
who I am not.

Erica Loloff

Antler: “Honey Bee”



I’m leaving the pestilence behind –
And, only taking yolk with foresight.


No longer will I be subject
To pity or opulent aires
That have persuaded my past,
And stolen my purity.


I rest in conviction.
I brave my course,
With God by my side.


Erica Loloff



Rocks that sound like Snow

Can you hear the wind blowing in the clouds today?

Can you see the rain in the sun or the blue skies formed by the grey breeze?

The big sky shifts volume overhead – and you float on my mind as I walk upon rocks that sound like snow.

The intimacy of our love drifting like soft nuances suspended in the atmosphere – changing in color, forming new texture.

I hear your voice echo in the movement – you calm my soul. The wind ceases, and I breath into the cavity of my heart – hopeful that our union travels thru the wisping horse tails of cirrus clouds, and far past the storms of the unknown.

Perhaps, the snow will come – melting as it falls to keep the rock on our path in sight that holds the strength of our love, untouched by cumulative precipitation.

6/21 & 22/18
Erica Loloff



In Silent Height

Silence counted her in seconds
-clocking a melodic
heightened hush,
beating to steady rhythms
that stalled
her thinking crush.


Did silence stop her heart
from hearing intently
of obstinate and perpetual
true love.


Or, perhaps – save her
sanity, by giving her a shove.
How well she knew
the silent deafness
of this repeated sound.
The cost unimaginable,
which had circled her in the round.
-some payment unknown
-some understood
unforgettable, misrepresented
and sequential.


In Silent height, she listened.
– in the quiet lapse –
of ticking time..
only heard by her –





Erica Loloff




Fleeting: [finale]

Fleeting: [finale]

Loosing love isErica Loloff Poetry Fall Leaf at Lake image
like a tree –
shaking [down] a season
of unpredictable
– leaves –
One stem of color
breaking off at a time,
carried and bundled
in a flurry
of unsightly wind –
blown away from
– forever –
– fleeting –
and, grey . . .
[never to be seen again].
Now, tormented feelings –
    bare and unknown
grown together in life –
morph and trip
to crack and crumble,
in dried up veins of
– exodus –
Erica Loloff

(lost) Found

(lost) Found



internal clarity forms

if focus falls

to your center –

your heart can hear it

in between the gravity

of push and pull.

Quiet.      longer.

marked points strike –

spreading through you

and calling vital energy

back to the beginning

of your question (s).

Now, refreshed conception.

Pure-balanced cleansing

moving towards known


Hold on – find       lost.

Hold on peace to Found.

Found will guide you

to all that you surround.



inspired by the movie, “August Rush”

Erica Loloff

lost found

Stray Dog

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Stray Dog

No more Elvin.

Took him for a walk,

and suddenly he became


The kitties are glad,

but I am ultimately sad.

I love you Elvin-

I mean,



Photos: Border Collie: “Diamond” who is now, “Annie”.

Lime Light

Lime LightLime Light

Coated in goose bumps surfacing red –

She, went to bed

atop an open-eyed gaze


with a ceiling of foreign moments –

mindful and recent

in her head.

Winding down,

She, took a reflective breath –

exhaling a constant deciphering stage.

Always on – this is that – where am I at.

Succumbing from the truth in her day-

She, threw the covers

over the sound of loud cultural play

entering through the shutters in the dark,

tingling with a light breeze –

up the legs of where she lay.

Becoming again in déjà vu –

She, took the physical cue,

making the choice

to lower the heavy lids of transition

dreaming and escaping

until the sun peaks shone again

through the oversized lime light

of waking without delay.


Erica Loloff




Beating dark in ruby red

with gazing carmine reflection –

deeply fractured is the heart

pausing in discretion.

Vulnerable, fragile

soft and doubtful –

trust lacking in the wound.

Breathing out distracted pain,

from suffering that has foiled the gain

commences quiet –

seeping under a disjointed hush.

Now laying still in watching,

the pouring of desire

once more resumes –

contemplated into the depleted mold,

encased hence forth

with rivets of steel.

Convex calculation fills again

the surface –

re-forming the thought of love.

Close to wanting –

holding the wish of abundance

far inside the embrace

of lavished touch.


Erica Loloff

Play Moon

Play Moon

Pardon Me!

New Moon Rising


Once I was a little girl…

I can make a circle with my arms, and shine light through my eyes.

I can stand and rise, yawn and spin, tilt and turn and lay down again.

I can look at the stars, cover my face and take a trip around Mars.

I can close my eyes, curl up in a ball and wake with the sun.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I could close my eyes and wake with the sun.

Pardon Me!

I run from cover to cover, level headed, eyes to the ground.

I sit in the dark absorbing light from a screen.

I complete normal tasks, task to never-ending task.

I struggle to breathe.


I can turn off the lights and shine a flashlight in my face.

I can be hot and sweat out life.

I can close my eyes and wake with the sun.

I can make a circle with my arms.

I can stand and rise.

Once I was a little girl…

New Moon Rising-

Wanna play?

Erica Loloff 1/07